Are you social with your social networking profiles? (Your best)

Before you develop all your profiles and all your keywords and all of your different things you are going to do for your online business, do the research and find out where your target market is. Where are they commenting? Where are they published? Are they in special forums? Are you on Facebook or are on LinkedIn? Are instagram followers in all of them? Do you research; Find out where your target market is. If it is already set up, you can go ahead and do the research.
Once you find your target market, you want to focus on two main platforms. You may find that your target market is on Facebook and Pinterest. You may find that they are on LinkedIn and Twitter. They can be on Facebook and LinkedIn. Find out where your target market is and then focus on the two platforms you are on the most and focus your marketing efforts on the two main platforms.
As you grow, as your team grows, as your knowledge of social media marketing grows or when you hire someone to do it for you, you can expand to other platforms; but for the sake of your own sanity, start with just two. It’s hard to be \\\\\\\\ social \\\\\\\\ when you’re hung on too many platforms and try to do it all by yourself.
Once you’re on those two platforms, no matter what, find the most active people. Go to a forum, go to a Facebook page, find the people who are the most active and interact with them. Sigils; get to LinkedIn, comment, check out their profiles. If you are on LinkedIn, you can give a recommendation, and for many people who are online, it is easy to give them a recommendation when doing the research to find out who is online. I have met a number of people online that I would not hesitate to recommend, here is what I am looking for;
how they respond,
the speed with which they respond,

They have good information,
They have good products.

Many different things will be able to give clues or do not feel comfortable recommending someone on LinkedIn and then you want to make sure you balance your marketing on social networks with other marketing techniques.
Social media marketing by itself works, but it takes a lot of time. The old phrase that you need 5 to 7 rings before another person buys your products is still placed. Social networks allow you to touch people in many different ways. Continue to use email, postal mail, phone calls, text messages. Make sure you stay in touch with your customers, your potential customers. So you can also create your profile on all different social media platforms and use all the marketing tools and techniques that social media marketing will provide for your business.

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