Cell Phone Jammers at College Run Into FCC Limits

Back in Spokane, Washington, a college made a decision to install a mobile phone jammer into the schools area to prevent students from texting or calling during class. The faculty had the cell phone jammer running about a week until the FCC announced the jammer illegal due to the jammers potential hindrance if a student needed to use their private cellular device for an emergency. What were colleges thinking when they determined that blocking mobile phone use from school was okay without looking into FCC regulations?

Cell phones are getting more and more commonly found in small children’s book bags now a day. Parents feel secure knowing that their children can get a hold of them at any given time of day and maintain constant contact with their small ones. Whether the contact be through text messaging, phoning or social networking, parents enjoy the fact that their children can get a hold of them through the use of cellular devices. The times have changed drastically, we moved from not having contact with people that aren’t physically about you, to having continuous contact with everyone; everyone on your Facebook friends listing, MySpace friends list, cell phone contact etcetera. Now parents can call their kids , arrange meeting areas, talk to the schools, their children friends parents to organize carpooling and much more.

How did the school never realize that the FCC would not allow the cell phone jammer to be placed within the school? The faculty needed to have thought that in the event of an emergency, how would student not inside a classroom telephone for help? emp jammer slot of this telephone phone has saved many lives due to emergency situations and people having their mobile device handy to phone 911. What is more significant preventing kids from texting during class or preventing them out of emergency situations due to the fact that they have their cellphone?

It seems the schools and teachers are being lazy and want to rely on engineering, the mobile phone jammers, to do the job for them to prevent their students from texting during class. Should the teachers be responsible for making sure the students are not texting during class, calling, talking to the individual next to them, doodling, day dreaming or in being a distraction or not paying attention? Perhaps the teachers need to step up their lesson plans and create leaning interesting and fun and keep the children interest by adding MORE technology to the classroom.

Today’s kids rely heavily on technologies, utilize it on a daily basis and enjoy using it. If teachers incorporated more technology into the classroom like laptops, online lessons, projects that included a lot of use of technologies, the kids would be ore curious and be tricked out of being distracted to their regular cell phone due to the new technology they are being shown by their own teachers. The main point is teachers and schools will need to incorporate more technology to the classrooms to keep up with the times and keep the children interested and challenged on a daily basis.

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