The Dangers of Roids

Dangers of Roids

When used without the supervision of the doctor, these medications can cause any number of negative side effects that are harmful to a person’s health. Athletes often abuse the use of steroids in an attempt to increase strength and energy of the body. Because of the ability of steroids to rapidly increase different muscles in the body and thus increase body strength, many bodybuilders also consume this drug to increase their performance. Taking a closer look at this drug, we can gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of its use.

Steroid – Definition

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Not all roids are artificial. Our bodies produce many natural forms of steroids that are beneficial to the various functions of the body.  Natural steroids include cholesterol and sex hormones – estradiol found in women and testosterone found in men. However, when it comes to steroids commonly used today, the term refers to anabolic steroids, which is a synthetic drug that has the ability to amplify muscle tissue within a short period of time . This is one of the reasons why it is so popular among professional athletes whose performance depends on strength and â € \u003câ cresistance of the body. Even though they are illegal in the professional sports industry, many athletes continue to take these medications every time they can get away with it to increase their performance.

Therapeutic Uses

As abusive as roids can be for the body, when taken as part of the medical treatments prescribed by doctors, these medications can benefit patients suffering from certain types of ailments. It has been known that steroids help cancer and that AID patients regain muscle mass and thus improve their health. Steroids placed in creams and ointments prescribed for patients with rheumatoid arthritis have helped to relieve inflammation and pain. Roids have also been helpful in treating severe asthma.

Reasons for continuing steroid abuse

There is little reasoning behind why people intentionally abuse their bodies by taking steroids apart from a general disbelief that are actually as harmful as the medical profession claims. Some sports figures have taken steroids for years without traumatic repercussions, while others have experienced extremely negative effects. The prospect of getting an improved physique and increased strength for weeks can be quite appealing to young men and women. An additional incentive is to find out that your favorite sports player or bodybuilder also uses the drug and nothing has happened to them.


Physical Benefits of Steroid Abuse

Regular consumption of steroids works to increase muscle tissue and increase strength. Athletes who use these medications find their sports performance rates dramatically improved. In addition, they have discovered that they can increase the amount of time they work with less stress and tension, which further improves muscle buildup. As sport is such a competitive field, the ability to perform more, better and faster gives an athlete an edge over their opponents.

Negative Effects of Roids

Doctors have discovered numerous side effects attributed to steroid abuse. Some of these effects are minor, while others are more serious and long term. Some mental side effects of long-term use of steroids include depression, antisocial behavior and violent adjustments. Physically, the drug has been known to cause heart ailments, liver damage, infertility, high blood pressure and more.



Although the body produces more steroids that facilitate certain body functions, taking artificial breasts over a long period of time can be extremely detrimental to your health. When used under a medical prescription for specific medical purposes, this medication has some useful purpose. When misused, you have the possibility of permanently damaging your health and well-being. In order to make a wise decision about using steroids, you should be as informed as you can on a personal basis, pondering the pros and cons of what you have read. Many people are not well informed on the subject to make good decisions to buy HGH online. As a result, the abuse continues to occur with those who are not aware of how dangerous these drugs can be.

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